Custom Products

Custom Power Racks

Carber Power can provide full reserve systems to provide backup power for your DC powered equipment. Available in standard 19 and 23 inch relay rack configurations, these modular units are adaptable to your run-times and power level needs. Using batteries with a 10 year design, these robust systems are designed to provide reliable power backup to match the life of your electronic systems. 
Easy to deploy – ‘Drop and Load’
•Fully wired and configured
•Batteries shipped separately for safety
•Drop rack in site, bolt in place
•Slide in batteries, bolt to leads
•Connect output to load
•System is ready to go
Wide DC Voltage Output Range
•Low voltage:  12, 24, 48 volt DC
•Mid-voltage system:  60, 130 volt DC
•High-voltage systems: 480 volt DC
Industry Standard Sizes/Footprints
•19 inch and 23 inch wide relay racks
•48 inch and 84 inch heights
•2 post and 4 post designs
•Standard and seismic/earthquake designs
Modular Sizes/Runtimes
•One to five power tray options
•100 to 200 Amp-hour battery options
•Total capacity up to 1000+ amphours/rack

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